Your Brightest Life

​We are all made to SHINE.  We all want to THRIVE. 


That's what I want for you.


I want you to take obstacles and hardships in stride, with the total confidence that you will overcome, grow and flourish.  I want you to look at your life with Pride, and joy. 

Why? because I think that the world will be a better place if we are all given a chance to shine our inner light. To be fulfilled, and at peace.  And because I think you CAN.

So if you wake up feeling exhausted, hopeless... if you feel like you're just going through the motions,  

If you are struggling, just barely getting through this obstacle, this hardship, this illness,  

If you are carrying an old wound, reliving the same old patterns, or unhappy relationships,


Know that you are not alone. 

Real transformation comes from within.  If you change your brain,  you will change your life.


Let's walk this path together. 

About me...

Neuro-Coach, ABM Neuromovement®️ Practitioner, HeartMath Mentor

My friends call me Madame Resilience. 💜💪🏼 


That's because over the past few years, I've developed some unique skills that helped me overcome some pretty heavy challenges. 

It started with infertility, miscarriages and the emotional roller coaster of fertility treatments.

Then I got breast cancer. I had a mastectomy, and lost the ability to conceive or carry children.  That nearly broke me. 

But it didn't stop me.

One year after, at the age of 42, I became a mom to twins with the help of a surrogate and an egg donor. And then I realized that motherhood didn't come naturally. It wasn't enough to just be there.

I had some more healing to do before being a good parent.


One of my twins was born with Down Syndrome. This created some interesting challenges too.  Being a parent to a child with neurological differences, different abilities and sometimes special needs comes with extra layers of complexity - and unique joys!


Then just as things were getting better... I got breast cancer. Again.  More surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, the long and painful - and still ongoing - reconstruction and recovery process. 

All while running an international consulting firm and deciding - mid-life crisis, anyone? - to pursue a new career in a completely new field.  In the middle of a pandemic. 

Through it all, though... I can honestly say I've been truly fulfilled.  It's not always rosy, but I have always been able to bounce back, to learn, and to move on to something better, every time. 

You can do the same.

With Neuro-Coaching and NeuroMovement®️ you can...

Improve your brain through movement

Achieve your wellness goals

Strengthen your resilience

Heal Heart, Mind and Body