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After finishing treatment, we often realize that so much has changed. 


Physical change, relationships, careers, values –  many of us are transformed by our experience.  Yet so many of us experience recovery through anxiety, pain, anger, loneliness, and stress – not to mention the fear that the disease will return. 


As someone who’s been there- twice -I know what you are going through.  I know that going back to "normal" sometimes isn't possible, or even desirable!  But I also know that there is hope for a better, fuller, recovery - that there IS a way for you to live a richer life.


About me...

Life Coach, ABM Neuromovement Practitioner, HeartMath Mentor

Just like you, I'm a survivor.  I experienced breast cancer twice, and watched many close family members and friends also struggle with this illness.  I know what it's like to finish treatment and realize you're not ok, that everything is changed and that life can never be as it was.  I learned so much along the way that I want to share with you. 

We can do better than just survive. 


I believe that we have been given another chance at living our best life, a life of true purpose, in health and joy. 

That's what I want for you.

With Neuro-Coaching you can...

Improve your brain through movement

Achieve your wellness goals

Strengthen your resilience

Heal Heart, Mind and Body

  • Schedule a free 30-minute consult! Consultation gratuite de 30 mins.

    30 min

  • impactful coaching session, 45 minutes, in English.

    45 min

    100 Canadian dollars
  • (ABM) Functional Synthesis Lesson / Synthese Fonctionnelle (ABM)

    1 hr

    75 Canadian dollars
  • Leçons de Neuromouvement guidées, en groupe, en français.

    Thursday, Sunday

    1 hr

    15 Canadian dollars
  • ABM Transformational Neuromovement lesson (individual or family)

    1 hr

    60 Canadian dollars
  • Coaching d'impact, 45 minutes, en français

    45 min

    100 Canadian dollars
  • Group Transformational Movement Lessons, 45-60 minutes, In English.


    1 hr

    15 Canadian dollars

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