A few words about me

In 2014, and then a second time in 2018 I experienced breast cancer. Like many, I went through a series of surgeries and treatments, including a total mastectomy, chemotherapy and a long course of radiation. I was left with painful side effects, some I will have to manage for the rest of my life.  During my treatment, I realized that I was getting a new chance at Life – but that I needed to do it differently. 

The illness took a lot from me, but it also gave me the greatest Gifts.  It was thanks to cancer that I became a mom in an unusual manner (through a surrogate), and my children – twins – are a source of permanent joy and constant learning.   

Thanks to my son, who lives with Down Syndrome, I discovered Anat Baniel Method Neuromovement (r) and found it so effective for both of us, that I decided to pursue professional training.  This started the beginning of my exploration of all things neuroscience, and what I call my “re-mission”: to help people like me bounce back from life’s hardest tests. 

Today, I am honoured to walk alongside people like you in their path to resilience.

A few words about my training

If you want to hear my full story, catch episode 1 of the Bouncing Forward podcast!

Before becoming a Coach, I studied Environmental Science. I have worked for over 20 years on the resilience of communities to environmental change, and this work has taken me around the globe. Today I also apply what I have learned to the individual journey.

In 2019 I completed my coaching training*, a training recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF), of which I am a member. In October 2020, I completed the first part of my training in Neuromouvement (r), Anat Baniel method**, as well as my training in Applied Neuroscience, and I also became a certified Heart Math Mentor in 2021.

I am eternally curious about the human brain, so my training is continuous!


*Académie de Coaching Transformationnel ACTin

**Anat Baniel Method International

****BrainFirst Training Institute

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