Resilience, after cancer (video)

Updated: Mar 15

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of talking to my friend and fellow ABM practitioner, Ana Maria from Illinois-based Move and Bloom, about what ABM Neuromovement did for me and for my family. Through my experience with Neuromovement, I learned that :

Successful recovery requires movement. Recovery is a whole-person journey, that has to integrate physical, mental, as well as spiritual healing. To properly heal, you have to move yourself from where you are.

Movement is a key element of resilience. The ability to move freely - whether physically, mentally or emotionally - is a critical part of resilience.The more we are free to move, the more our brains become elastic, the better we can absorb shocks, deal with uncertainty, refocus - and bounce forward.

Here's the video! Leave a comment here or on facebook!

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